What style personality are you?

Did you know that everyone has their own style personality and that everything you wear needs to be in harmony with who you are? To give you a better idea we've put together an overview of the different style personalities for women below. Think about these as archetypes, or even pantomime figures, and see who resonates with you. 

The Dramatic or Diva

Striking, sophisticated, structured and asymmetric. Someone who oozes confidence and is not afraid of making an impact with bold pieces and accessories. 

Celebrity examples: Cher, Tilda Swinton, Angelina Jolie, Paloma Picasso, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga and Adele.

Credit: beausic.wordpress.com

Credit: beausic.wordpress.com

The Classic

Composed, sleek and elegant with a timeless, effortless and uncluttered wardrobe.  

Celebrity examples: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kristen Scott Thomas, Princess Grace of Monaco, Michelle Dockery and Courteney Cox. 

Image credit: Getty Images

Image credit: Getty Images

The Adventurer

This is the Robin Hood figure or the outdoorsy wholesome type that keeps accessories and make-up simple and natural.

Celebrity examples: Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Elle McPherson.


The Princess

Ingenue and pretty: think sheer fabrics and feminine, delicate florals and detailing. 

Celebrity examples: Lily James, Kylie Minogue, Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow

Image credit: Pinterest

Image credit: Pinterest

The Bohemian

Earthy and relaxed, creative and arty. Earthy, but glamorous at the same time. 

Celebrity examples: Kate Winslet, Sophie Dahl and Julianne Moore. 


The Huntswoman

Sporty, easy, natural but with some structure. 

Celebrity examples: Meryl Streep, Princess Diana and Emma Thompson. 


The Starlet

Feminine, pretty, glamorous and girly, but provocative at the same time. 

Celebrity examples: Reese Witherspoon, Marilyn Monroe,  Emilia Clarke and Scarlett Johanssen 

Image credit: https://www.timeout.com/Sarah Dunn/2016 Warner Bros

Image credit: https://www.timeout.com/Sarah Dunn/2016 Warner Bros

The Romantic

Romantic, glamorous, regal and feminine. 

Celebrity examples: Christina Hendricks, Elizabeth Taylor, Catherine Zeta Jones, Eva Mendes and Jennifer Lopez. 

Image credit: /www.public.fr

Image credit: /www.public.fr

The Gypsy

Theatrical, bold, individual, extravagant, exciting and sexy. 

Celebrity examples: Penelope Cruz, the young Sophia Loren, Salma Hayek and Gloria Estefan.


The Gamine

Cute, sharp, neat and funky. Small scale, boyish, French 'urchin' or pixie.  

Celebrity examples: Ellen deGeneres, Carey Mulligan, Judy Dench, Emma Watson and Audrey Hepburn.


There are subtle variations to all these archetypes and most people are a combination of at least two. Our very own Annie for instance is a mixture of Adventurer and Classic: the Huntswoman or Huntsman. While Manina is a Gamine, Rachel is a Dramatic and Ilka is a Dramatic and a Classic.

Our Colour & Style Consultation will identify your style personality and help you find the right styles and accessories best suited for yours. Get in touch for more information and details here

How To Pack For Your Summer Holiday

Summer is upon us, and so is your holiday packing checklist. Love it or hate it, it has to be done, and sometimes it can prove to be quite the challenge. Don't fret however, we have put together our top five essentials that simply must be in your luggage.

1. A Beach Bag

A fabulous roomy beach bag which can double up as a carry-on bag on your flight out. There are so many great ones to choose from this summer - but make sure that the one you choose is hardwearing enough to survive travelling.

2. The Hat

Everybody needs a vacation hat, ideally one that can be packed, or at least will not crack or become shapeless. Jess Collett Milliner offer some great options. 

3. Swimsuit Season

Swimwear comes in all different shapes and sizes, and it is completely personal preference, everyone has different colours and styles that suit them. But if we had to offer one piece of advice when it came to swimwear, it would be to ensure it is a well-fitted one. Comfort is key - especially on the beach.

4. Flexibility Is Key

We recommend a pair of patterned silk trousers for evening. These offer so much potential. They can be worn with either a T shirt or maybe even a matching blouse. A definite must-have.

Radiance Skincare Sunscreen

Radiance Skincare Sunscreen

5. Sunscreen is a must!

A good quality sunscreen should always be a top priority when it comes to packing for your ventures. We have a soft spot for Fernblock's sunscreen. 


5 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

The scarf is one of the most important and versatile accessories you should have in your wardrobe. They don’t just keep you warm in winter - they add colour and interest to every outfit, even in the summer months. People often say that they would love to wear a silk scarf but they don’t know how to tie them and they feel a bit ‘dated’, but they can in fact be worn all year round and in many different ways - here's a few ways you can wear yours..


1. As a hair accessory

Silk scarves aren't just for your neck - they can be tied into your hair to protect it from the sun, or worn like a bandana if your look is more natural. Brightly coloured scarves look beautiful worn as a headband to complete an outfit - wear yours on holiday to match your sunny surroundings.


2. As a sarong

Speaking of holidays, large scarves can be worn as sarongs when you're walking on the beach, or around the pool or over your swimsuit when it’s time for lunch. Just wrap it around your waist and tie in a neat knot it at the side.

3. As a dress 

A silk dress is the perfect accompaniment to an important event or special dinner, but there's no need to buy something new if you already have a silk scarf in your wardrobe. Large scarves can be wrapped and pinned around the body as a dress - accessorise well and you have the perfect evening outfit.

4. As an outfit update

Life can be incredibly busy and we don't always have time to change outfits between social engagements. Simply fold up a scarf to keep in your bag and tie it around your neck as you go from the office out to dinner.

5. As a bag

A large silk scarf can be made into a bag to hold your beachwear. Simply tie the four corners into a knot and sling it over your shoulder. An elegant accessory which will take you from beach to bar effortlessly in style. 


Why colour analysis is just as relevant for men

The majority of our clients are women, but colour analysis is just as relevant for men. The different qualities of colours – the depth, temperature and clarity - determine how healthy, strong and competent men appear in their clothes, whether that's in casual-wear or business attire. When dressing for the office, it's the tie that allows men to play with brighter colours in an otherwise conservative outfit, which can throw a healthy glow onto their face. But what about the colour of the suit? It's equally important to get the temperature, depth and the contrast level right to perfect the look.

Read on to discover the colour palettes of some famous faces..

Image Credit:  MovieWeb

Image Credit: MovieWeb

Daniel Craig is a Spring who can wear warm, translucent colours very well. Being very fair, his best suit colours are mid-grey and blue, but harsh and severe contrasts don't work for him. He can accentuate the blue of his colours with a matching tie. The classic outfit in black and white can overpower him, which is why he often wears less severe contrasts even in the Bond Films.

Winter colours are cool, blue-based and very high in contrast. As a Winter, George Clooney looks great in deep colours, which means that he will always have an easy time finding a great outfit for a black-tie event. Even for daytime events he should ideally opt for a dark suit jacket and a white shirt to create a high contrast.

Image Credit:  Refinery 29

Image Credit: Refinery 29


Eddie Redmayne is an Autumn, so he looks great in warm, yellow-based, soft colours with little contrast. A dark brown suit creates a less severe contrast to the white shirt than the black suit does, because it is more in harmony with his own colouring.  

Image Credit:  Lainey Gossip

Image Credit: Lainey Gossip

Image Credit:  Daily Express

Image Credit: Daily Express

So whether you're an Autumn, Winter, Spring or (the very rare!) Summer, it's imperative that you dress in the right colours and contrasts for success in and out of the boardroom. 

How To Declutter Your Wardrobe & Shop Smarter

Too many clothes, nothing to wear? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of clothes in your wardrobe? We've put together our top tips for decluttering your wardrobe and shop smarter. 

Image 2.jpeg

1. Know your colours

If you have had your colour and style analysed by Red Leopard, then you will know exactly what colours suit you and know how to build a perfectly co-ordinated wardrobe which is in harmony with your body shape and personality. If you haven't had a consultation with us just yet, then we're sure you know which colours you prefer on yourself, and feel most comfortable in, so we'll work with that. 

The first step to achieving the perfect wardrobe is to put everything that is in your colour on one side. Once you have done this, examine what's left: is it worn out, too small, too big or simply outdated? We suggest to organise your clothes in colours when doing this. Build on your neutrals for summers, navy's, grey's and black's for the winters; and for the springs and autumns, focus on brown's, tan's, donkey grey and petrol blue. Look at adding in some of your star rated colours for inspiration, and then make a list of items you need in order to create workable outfits. A personal favourite of ours is scarves. These are an excellent way of pulling colour themes together whilst making bold statements in subtle ways. Have a peek at the Ivana Nohel X Red Leopard collection which have been designed to work perfectly with your season.  

image 3.jpeg

2. Budgeting is key

When it comes to shopping smarter, budgeting is absolutely key. If you do not have a budget, you will either spend too much or too little. Having a budget will help you to maintain focus as well as giving you freedom and certainty. Remember that your wardrobe should reflect you and your lifestyle. So start with creating a list, then prioritise. We recommend that you create a budget to cover your clothes, accessories and grooming.

3. It's all in the preparation

It is important to create new combinations from your existing clothes, decide what to give away and identify key pieces to purchase before you hit the shops.  Our wardrobe detox is designed to support you through this process. Now you have a budget in place, it is time to hit the shops. Next you should decide where you are going to shop – consider location and budget. Then ask yourself, do you prefer department or high street stores? Do you enjoy shopping in speciality stores? This will only be successful if you enjoy it; the phrase time flies when you’re having fun' comes to mind. One thing to note is to wear clothing that is easy to slip on and off in the fitting rooms. Comfortable shoes are also key – nothing ruins a shopping day more than achy and painful feet. It's the ultimate shopping buzz kill. 

4. Scan, try, shop.

Once you reach your store of choice, the first thing you should do is to scan the store. Here at Red Leopard we like to call this 'the blanket shop'. You should look for everything that is in your colour, then assess if it is the right shape for you. If so, check if it is the right style, and if it passes this test then take it to the fitting room and try it on. Then compare and discard items that do not work.

The Red Leopard team suggest that shopping every 2-3 months is a good amount in order to avoid being desperate for a certain item for a specific occasion. If you need a helping hand, book a Wardrobe Review with Red Leopard and have one of our experts work through your wardrobe and help transform it to perfection. 


How To Shop The Sales: 5 Tips

Sales shopping season is here once again, and to make picking the right pieces easy we have compiled our top tips for navigating the sales this summer. 

We are also offering our popular shopping trips for just £99 p/h (usually £120) when you book before 24th June ensuring that you are wearing clothes that really flatter you - honouring your colour, style and personality. Book directly at info@redleopard.co.uk.

Image 1.jpg

1. Have A Strategy In Place

You know the sales are going to explode aggressively in the coming weeks, so much so you will not be able to avoid them, so why not plan what you ‘need’ to buy. Start by looking in your wardrobe to find out where the gaps are. What's missing, what’s looking tired, what needs updating, what do you need more of and what have you wanted to buy that’s not within your budget? (This leads us to our second tip.) Planning what you need to buy is one thing, but it is also useful to plan how and where you are going to buy. Timing is of the essence, so keep in mind that a Sunday morning can be a great time to hit the sales, always slightly quieter than other days of the week. Make sure any shopping companion you take along adds value. Shopping with children and bored other halves is not always conducive to a successful trip. Consider also your method of shopping; If you don't fancy rushing out into the chaos of the sales, there are year round alternative options. A personal favourite is "The Outnet," a year round sale website for Net-A-Porter. Red Leopard always finds amazing pieces here but then , we know exactly what we are looking for and what looks good on us. Track the pieces that you would like to buy and check as often as you can if they are further reduced.

2. No Designer Budget? Think Again

The high end market can seem intimidating if you're not a frequent shopper in it, but there is no better time to become acquainted than sale season. If you’ve had your eye on that classic Armani belt or Mulberry bag all year, now is the time to buy it at a fraction of the price and you’ll have it forever. Sale shopping in high street stores such as Zara, Mango and Gap might not be the best use of your time or budget as you can buy from those stores any time. It won't feel as special, and you won't be half as excited. In terms of how much you’ll actually save, it’s a fraction of the amount compared to sales with high-end brands. Target the retailers normally out of your budget and select a handful of timeless classics that will last a lifetime.

3. Buy Well, By Less

We understand that is is easy to get caught up in the sales and lose focus. But one thing to keep in mind is that just because it is in the sale doesn't mean it's right for you, your colouring or your body shape. So many people are left with a wardrobe full of pieces they've never worn simply because they were an impulse buy which weren't quite right. Two things to remember here, if it doesn't look and feel amazing, resist the temptation and put it back. Secondly, if you didn't love it at full price, you won't love it at half price. If this is the case, then the bargain quickly becomes a waste of money, time, and valuable wardrobe space. 

4. Start With Workwear

Why not start by revamping your work wardrobe. Buying good quality clothes for work is a great investment on many levels. Not only will you feel far more confident but you’re more likely to get noticed, which could lead to professional opportunities. Fashion is power. This wardrobe needs to be completely interchangeable so try to create as many ‘outfits’ out of a capsule wardrobe as you possibly can. It needs to represent the professional you.

5. Don't Cloud Your Judgement

When you’re on a mission to revamp your wardrobe in the sales you have to be in the right frame of mind. Otherwise there is simply no point. If you’re tired, depressed or just not in the mood don’t do it. Equally, if you’re tempted to treat yourself to a glass of champagne halfway through your outing, think again. Some of the biggest clangers are purchased whilst under the influence. Finally, never shop when you’re desperate, it’s like going to the supermarket hungry - you really don’t know what you’ll end up with. 

Image 2.jpg

Remember to book before the 24th June to take advantage of  of our summer sale offer - shopping for £99 p/h instead of £120 p/h. Book directly through info@redleopard.co.uk.

The best dressed guests at the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding certainly did not disappoint, and neither did some of the guests eye-catching outfits. Red Leopard rounds up the best looks from the big day. 


Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer stood out in this beautiful Dolce & Gabbana dress. The kingfisher and peacock colours were flattering against her warm skin tone. Paired with a warm lipstick, this ensemble was just fabulous on her.

Countess Karen Spencer

Countess Karen Spencer wore this fabulously dramatic, yet classic dress custom-made by Pamella Roland. The royal purple shade paired with a plum lipstick matches her colouring perfectly. 

Sofia Wellesley

Sofia Wellesley looked beautiful in this floral romantic Red Valentino. The palette flattered her warm skin tone perfectly as does her soft yellow hat. 

Want to make sure you look your best this wedding season? You can find out more about our colour and style service here. 

Stunning New Red Leopard Scarves

Red Leopard is thrilled to announce the arrival of our new season scarves....designed in collaboration wth London based illustrator Ivana Nohel. Each scarf belongs to one of the four colour palettes - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Choose from the selection below....If you aren't sure, call us on 0207 376 4057 to make an appointment to see us. Or ask for a gift voucher for Christmas?