Colour & Style Consultation



"Imagine shopping with the confidence that every piece you invest in is perfect for you" - Red Leopard

Did you know that people make up their minds about you within the first seven seconds of meeting you?  This means first impressions have never been more important. In our colour and style consultations our team works with you to discover your most flattering colours, style, make-up and hair, enabling you to always look your best.




It is remarkable how different colours affect our complexion and how transformative they can be when used correctly. What you put directly around your face will change your skin’s appearance; wearing the wrong colour can make you look like you lack energy and confidence, while the opposite can make you look healthy, capable, credible and radiant.

We use our unique system based upon Johannes Itten’s 'principles of colour', established at the Bauhaus in the 1920's, to systematically compare and contrast a range of colours and their effect on your skin. From this you will see for yourself the remarkable difference that various colours make to your complexion. Based on the result we will put together your personalised colour guide tailored to your complexion, as well as advise you on hair colour, make-up, jewellery and accessories.

The Investment: £350* | 3 hours



It’s no secret that appearance is a powerful tool and one over which you have total control. Your clothes are an essential part of presenting the best version of yourself. Everything that you put on your body should bear some resemblance to your face shape, your body shape, your colouring, and should reflect your personality. 

Working together with you we will identify your most flattering shapes, necklines, fabrics, patterns and accessories. By combining this knowledge, with what you have learned about colour, you will become a more effective shopper saving you money, time and space in your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe should be a joy to look at and getting dressed should be fun. 

The Investment: £350* | 3 hours



Come for the complete colour and style
experience in one session.

The Investment: £650*



The techniques we use and the expertise we have developed work equally well for men. Our one-to-one workshops for men include a full colour analysis to establish which colours make you look healthy, strong and credible. Assessing your physical structure and your personality, we show you the best shapes and fabrics to wear. This will enable you to create your own unique look and invest in the right wardrobe.

The Investment: £350*


* All our prices are for London appointments. Price on application for home counties.