Colour & Style Consultation




You will learn what suits you and why, and how to become an effective shopper. In this session we assess and explain your physical structure, taking into account your face shape and proportions. Working together, we create a personality profile for your look e.g. classic, sporty, pretty, chic. By combining these two aspects, you will be able to select with total confidence, shapes and styles which are in harmony with your body shape and character. When we have finished, you will receive a workbook which identifies the shapes and the styles to look for in the future, along with a list of places to shop or labels that are right for you.



Look radiant by discovering your most flattering range of colours, which should be in harmony with your hair, eyes and skin. Using the principles of colour established at the Bauhaus in Germany in the 1920's, we systematically compare and contrast a range of colours by placing coloured drapes next to your skin. From this, you will see for yourself the difference that various colours make to your complexion. Your skin belongs to one of four palettes, and based on the result, we will advise you on hair colour, make-up, jewellery and accessories. You will also be given swatches of the colours in your palette and a guide on how to use them.



The techniques we use and expertise we have developed, work equally well for men. Our one-to-one workshop for men includes a full colour analysis to establish which colours make you look healthy, strong and credible. Assessing your physical structure and personality, we show you the best shapes and fabrics to wear. This will enable you to create your own unique look.