Some frequently asked questions.

Instead of talking about the obvious…Autumn is here etc - we thought that this month we would tackle and answer some questions that we frequently get asked. In fact, we are getting more and more questions because we are getting so many new friends! Thank you, Susan, and thank you, Lisa.
Here they are:

Does it matter if I have a tan when I get my colours done? No - we are looking at the undertones of your skin, which do not change - but please DO NOT wear fake tan, as it is just that…Fake.

What if I don’t like my new colour palette? You are bound to like some of your colours, so start with those. Once you begin to experiment with them and people start to tell you how well you are looking, you will probably change your opinion of the the ones you don’t like! Remember that complimenting your shirt or dress is not the same as complimenting you on how well you look.

Oct 2.jpg

Will I need to banish black if I am not a Winter? Short answer….YES! Wean it out of your wardrobe gradually - starting with tops and scarves, and start buying your new best colours to wear next to your face.

Can I wear black at the bottom then? To start with, yes you probably will have to, as you are probably not going to purge your entire wardrobe all at once! HOWEVER, stop buying black. If you don’t, you will end up still buying the black shoes, black belt, black handbag etc to go with the black trousers or skirt - so there’s another chunk of your budget gone. Your wardrobe will have no harmonious story. You will look cut off around your middle, and that just doesn’t look quite right.

But isn’t black slimming? Not if it is not good on you. All dark colours are slimming. Find your best dark neutrals - navy? Dark brown? Olive green? Use them as the building blocks in your new wardrobe. Black is VERY ageing if you are not a Winter - and even a lot of Winters are not great in black and need to wear a brighter colour next to the face.


What happens when I go grey? If your skin tone needs cool colours, grey will be great. If you need warm colours, you will need to add honey tones to your hair for you to look healthy and for your colour palette not to clash with your hair.


Some people who need warmth ( for example “blue springs”) tend to go prematurely grey, but still look okay with grey hair - they are the kind of springs that are not as good in the yellower end of the palette… it gets complicated, but when you have your colours analysed, you will also find out what TYPE of Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn you are.

Do my colours change as I get older? No - you will remain in the same overall palette - but often as we age, we need more light around our face, so you may need to choose your colours from the lighter, brighter end of your palette. A Winter who looked stunning in black and charcoal in her or his thirties, may not look so good in them in their sixties!

Oct 3.jpg

Will I look like someone else after a style session? NO - you will look like the very best version of YOU. You will allow yourself to be you again, after life has labelled you a Banker, Mum, Teacher etc.
You will realise that you may have been dressing to please other people, or in a way that fits in with how you have been told to look. You will find your individuality again - and not be influenced by other people or by what is considered fashionable or trendy.

Do carry on asking questions! We shall be happy to keep on answering you!


Sustainable Fashion and Red Leopard

Britons binned clothes worth £12.5 billion last year, as the rise of throwaway fashion led to 300,000 tonnes of textiles ending up in landfill.

Research has found that, on average, each person puts 8 items in the bin - meaning that every household wastes clothes with the purchase value of almost £500 per year.

Horrifying fact: it takes 5000 gallons of water to manufacture just one T-shirt and a pair of jeans!

Everyone can start making a difference. It is our responsibility to do something about this shocking situation - both for environmental and social reasons.

Manina in a favourite Issey Miyake aplique jacket c.1996 and her fabulous Girbaud trousers. “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

Manina in a favourite Issey Miyake aplique jacket c.1996 and her fabulous Girbaud trousers. “The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.”

How do we at Red Leopard fit into this? And how can we help?

Because we place so much emphasis on defining what works and what does not, our clients are simply far less likely to throw anything away.

We have been advising people for years about buying quality not quantity - and in the right colours and shapes for them.

We follow the principle of “the quality remains long after the price is forgotten” (Aldo Gucci, 1938). So true - not just with regard to fashion, but also holidays and experiences. Those extra few pounds spent on upgrading anything are always worth it!

A timeless YSL silk scarf - the power of a scarf to lift any outfit is incredible.

A timeless YSL silk scarf - the power of a scarf to lift any outfit is incredible.

The Red Leopard team says “when you really understand what looks right on you, you can invest in more expensive clothes with confidence, and you are therefore going to keep and enjoy them longer”

 We love the idea of recycling clothes and accessories. When we help our clients detox their wardrobes, nothing goes to waste. Some things get altered to give them a new life, others go to friends and family - or to a charity such as Smartworks, who help women get back into the workplace by giving them good quality clothes for interviews.

A few expensive mistakes will find their way into top-end second hand shops, such as Sign of the Times in Chelsea.

 We also love the idea of buying sustainable brands - there are many small UK based companies, such as Mayamiko, Komodo, Thoreau and Ilk & Ernie - just to mention a few.

The most fantastic Roger Vivier pumps which compliment the cool tones of Manina’s winter complexion.

The most fantastic Roger Vivier pumps which compliment the cool tones of Manina’s winter complexion.

Should we not buy high street? Actually some large fashion companies are making efforts towards sustainability:

H&M talk about sustainability more than any other fast fashion brand. They produce a Conscious collection, made using sustainable and recycled materials, and they also create glossy ad campaigns to encourage garment recycling. They have a voucher programme offering discounts to those who donate their old clothes at its stores.

 Zara has a repair and re-use programme called Closing the Loop - but frankly its business model is based on an unsustainably high turnover rate - inherently harmful to both people and planet.

Overall, we feel that if one can try and avoid buying from huge chains we should - and somehow the pleasure of buying mass-produced is not great….it just doesn’t feel special enough. We want people to love shopping, love what they buy and enjoy wearing their clothes (which of course look perfect on them!)

My Red Leopardification by The Sequinist

This month we were delighted to welcome Lisa Lennkh to the Red Leopard studio and here is what she thinks. A wonderful read. Xx Annie and Manina.

A quick flick through my Instagram feed or a scroll through my blog shows you immediately that I love colour. Colour lifts my mood and rejuvenates my face. However, when I’m buying clothes, I’ve always been much more about the style of an item than its exact colour. Even if something was the ‘wrong’ colour for me, I’d make it work the best I could with makeup and accessories. It seems like an impossibly tall order to find something in my size, in my budget, in a style that I like, AND in the perfect colour for my skin tone.

Recently, an old banking client of mine (Hi Polly!) introduced me to Annie from the styling team Red Leopard. Polly thought we’d get along and gosh was she ever right. We all met for lunch and Annie and I squawked like parrots non-stop about colour and style. A couple of weeks later, Annie invited me to meet with her and her colleague Manina for a Red Leopard colour and style consultation. Now, I’ve never really bought into the whole ‘having your colours done’ thing, mainly because most people doing it have absolutely no idea about colour and even less about style (Meow! Can someone get me a saucer of milk, please?). I could see that Annie had buckets of style though, so I figured I’d be in safe hands.  Still… I’m a very difficult customer; I’ve been opinionated about style since I was old enough to talk. I warned Annie and Manina before our meeting that I would not wear florals, ruffles, boho, lace, or anything too girly… so not to even try with me! And quite honestly, I thought, what could anyone teach me, Miss Walking Rainbow, about colour?

Well, quite a lot actually. Annie and Manina are not just stylists or colour experts. I don’t even know what to call them. ‘Alchemists of colour and style’ is about as close as I can get! I learned more in my two hours with them than I thought was possible; my head was spinning for days afterwards.  I felt like a veil was lifted from my eyes and I was suddenly noticing every colour (people’s clothes on the street, billboards, my garden) and all of its nuances.  There are people who are good at what they do, and then there are the people who are so good that they don’t have any competition whatsoever. I’d put Red Leopard in that category. They are SO good, in fact, that Hollywood A listers (and their entire teams) fly to London to use their services.  I’m not at all surprised.


Annie on the left and Manina on the right, with their clients draped in colour

Red Leopard relies heavily on the colour theory of Johannes Itten, one of the Bauhaus masters. Itten believed that all colours either have a blue undertone or a yellow undertone (so either cool or warm) and that all colours are either bright or soft (saturation). At Red Leopard, you aren’t simply assessed to be in the spring, summer, winter, or autumn category, but within that range, there are colours that make your face come alive. How to find them? By draping a big scarf of each colour next to your face whilst sitting in natural light and seeing the effect of each colour on your skin.


Despite a night of terrible sleep and with unwashed hair, my skin still looks good next to the right colours

As I went through the extensive collection of coloured scarves, I saw some colours made me look exhausted, accentuated the lines on my face, drew attention to the shadows around my nose, and made the area under my eyes go grey. Other colours (a few I’ve NEVER worn and haven’t ever considered wearing, like the tangerine and the cinnamon in the photo above) made my skin look fresh and blew away all the lines and shadows.  I literally couldn’t believe my eyes.  How could two different colours of blue or two different colours of red each make my face look completely different? Sorcery! Look how different the surrounding colours make the red squares look on the left half or the blue squares look on the right half in the photo below. Now imagine that blue square is your face.  The blue is the same in every photo, but it looks vibrant or dull depending on which colour is surrounding it.  In the same way, your face looks vibrant or dull depending on how complementary a colour is with your skin tone.


Colourwise, I am a spring, and a warm spring at that, so the more yellow undertones in a colour, the better for my face. For example, I light up in a bright grassy yellow green and I age about 20 years in a cold blue-based teal green.  That is why the green coat from last week’s post (in the background below) worked so well on me; it is a warm green somewhere between leaf and kerry green in this swatch.


After my Red Leopardification, I won’t just buy colours that I happen to like and hope they look good when I get home. Instead, now that I understand the ‘colour code’ I’ll seek out colours that flatter me. I won’t buy blue just because I love it (which I’ve always done); I’ll look for warmer blues with a pinch of green in them. To make this easier, Red Leopard gave me a small wallet of paper card swatches (in the photo above) of the ideal colours in my range, with a sticker next to the ones that work particularly well on me. I’m not meant to only buy colours that are an exact match to the swatches, but to use them as a reference for finding similar shades, as in the photo above.


Aqua blue sweater and coral collar, two of my best skin-brightening shades, worn together

We focused almost exclusively on colour in my consultation, but Annie and Manina also draw on Carl Jungian psychology in assessing and teaching style to clients. In Jung’s archetypes, I am very much a ‘jester’ which explains the bright glittery statement style that I am drawn to, as a way of connecting with people. Also, I learned about how our clothes and accessories subconsciously signal power and authority to other people. For instance, Manina showed how something as simple as covering your throat (a vulnerable part of the human anatomy) with a scarf, a brooch, a bold necklace, a collared shirt, or a tie (for men) immediately commands authority in an almost military-like way. In my current life this isn’t so necessary, but back when I was a banker, I intentionally and unintentionally used a lot of these subtle cues to ensure I looked authoritative yet stylish without an ounce of frivolity.

Stylewise, one thing that Manina and Annie pulled off was to get me to open my mind about scarves.  I usually feel restless and fussy in them, like I’m wearing a soft plastic bag around my neck. I don’t mind them functionally for winter, but decoratively, I’ve never been a scarf wearer. As I stated in a previous blog post, I can look quite Buffy von Airline Hostess in one. My husband loves scarves, and is forever trying to convince me to try beautiful Hermes silk ones. When I put one on though, I instantly look “Madame,” as the French describe it, like the client on the cover of a Swiss private banking brochure. What changed my stony mindset about scarves was trying one on that blasted flattering light onto my face; it was this one in pale aqua blue with bright green branches. However, I couldn’t get past my allergic reaction to the pink floral motif. It is beautiful, just not my style. Instead I got this one (below) but in a warm red and turquoise (my wedding colours) combination.  The motif of leopards, stars, and jewellery was much more my style than flowers, and the colours are immediately illuminating on my warm-spring-self. Red Leopard works with scarf designer Ivana Nohel to design their scarves in VERY precise colour palettes to suit their clients.  It is a level of attention to detail that fills my inner control freak with glee.


If you are all at sea about your style or your colours, or even if you are confident about them and do it for a job (raises hand), having a second opinion from women as uber-stylish and knowledgeable as Annie, Manina or their colleague Rachel, is a game-changer. It is life-enhancing… at least if you’re as zealous about colour and style as I am. Yes, it will add another layer to your decision making when you shop, but it also will cut down on wasteful spending. It ensures that what is in your closet will make you look and feel great. I see this Red Leopard colour assessment as an investment in myself and in my future wardrobe.

If you are in London, the exquisite Red Leopard offices are in Battersea; go see them and let them work their magic on you. If you’re visiting London, make an appointment to see these ladies; I couldn’t possibly recommend them higher. While they work with Hollywood A-listers and corporate clients, they mostly work with regular people like us, both men and women. They are so warm and knowledgable that I would have followed anything they told me (I mean, they got ME wearing SCARVES for heaven’s sake!). Annie said something in our meeting that has really stuck with me– She said when you are a child in the UK, you have a school uniform, which is either warm or cool in colour, and makes half of students look great and the other half look tired. Then, you go to university, where you dress in whatever is clean and affordable. Then, you start a job and probably wear black and dull corporate colours for years. Basically, many people (me included) don’t have that much choice with their clothes until they reach midlife. By then, your skin tone has changed and you’ve only worn the colours you like rather than what actually suits you.  Luckily we’re naturally drawn to the colours that work well on us, but this is more about fine-tuning and precision. That’s my situation anyway, and why my Red Leopard Scarf Moment was such a revelation. I’m a colour lover, but now I’m a swatch-card-carrying educated colour lover, and I look at everything differently.


For more by The Sequinist check out her site here.

Reds For Valentines Day.

February is the month of love and we see a lot of the colour red.

Red - Is a strong positive colour, is both energising and powerful. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action!

Red can vary in hue from warm, yellow based reds to cool, blue based reds. 

At Red Leopard we advise and inspire you to wear and enjoy colour every day.  When you understand whether your skin tone needs warm or cool colours it makes it very easy to select which red is right for you. 

If you are unsure, go for a true red, which contains equal amount of blue and yellow, this shade works well on most people. Those with warm skin, Autumn or Spring, look great in Geranium, Brick and Rust.

For cool skin tones, Winter or Summer you look great in Burgundy, Carmine and Raspberry.

If you're thinking of wearing a red lipstick this Valentine’s Day, book in with Red Leopard to find out which one is for you! Jane Iredale is visiting the studio on February 14th.

Book your complimentary slot now by emailing or call us on 0207 376 4057  

RED Quotes.

“If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and guaranteed big return …Invest in yourself"

Rachel Saunders Red Leopard.

“Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues.” 

David Bowie

 “Red is such an interesting colour to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration.”     

Taylor Swift

Colour and style: Is it worth it?

Colour and style, is it really worth it? That’s a question we hear a lot. Unless you’ve been in for a colour consultation with us it might be hard to believe just how transformational having your colours done can be.

Wearing colours that complement and flatter your individual colouring makes such a huge difference. When Helen Gerrish, editor of Hiya Bucks met with our very own Rachel earlier this year she was invited to come in for a consultation. In the below recent feature Helen talks about her experience..


Dressing for the party season

The festive party season isn’t just about the humble LBD. The same goes for anything sparkly, glittery or bright. But what are the chic, wearable alternatives? Have a look at a few of our favourite suggestions here.

The silk jacket

Whether teamed with a pair of trousers or a skirt (and a fabulous pair of heels!), this silk-satin pyjama jacket is modern and feminine in equal measure. Pyjama dressing is very much appropriate for the party season - if styled the right way.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 12.31.30.png

The tuxedo suit

Bright red brocade..this luxurious jacquard suit is a real showstopper. A great option for ‘Classics’, ‘Huntswomen, ‘Gamines’ and ‘Divas’.


The velvet jumpsuit

With a decadent emerald green velvet fabric and a flattering wide-leg fit, this elegant jumpsuit is a staple piece. Wear with drop earrings and a killer cuff.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 12.34.04.png

The layered skirt

This tulle skirt is something right out of a fairy tale. Wear with a sweater and hefty boots, or with a pretty short top and pointy flats.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 14.53.48.png

The lace dress

Its easy to go for the LBD - the “safe option”, however why not switch it up and try a divine navy lace dress instead, like this pretty number from Marc Cain?

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 13.11.36.png

The Red Leopard Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas around the corner, we’ve put together our very own Gift Guide to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Luxurious loungewear

This dark floral pyjamas set will make those evenings on the sofa a little more fabulous.


Elegant ear candy

These organic pearl and emerald earrings promise an easy day-to-night elegance

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 16.51.07.png

Wrap up warm

A cosy, stylish and bright accessory for the dark winter months.


Step in

Name a better duo than beautiful embroidery and black velvet.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 16.57.53.png

Tie it up!

Tie it up, wrap it around, put it in a bun..our African Queen Brown scarf is a versatile and stylish accessory.


Say it with candles

A beautifully scented and sophisticated candle which is not too cutesy.


Beauty sleep guaranteed

Was there ever a more fitting eye mask for a Leopard?


Green envy

This elegant swing jumper is all about the sleeves. Plus, the shade is perfect for an ‘Autumn’.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 11.53.43.png

Skin saviour

We’ll be keeping our skin hydrated and glowing with a little bit of help from Jane Iredale.


Velvet crush

Feet up, wine in hand. How beautiful is this velvet blush pink pouf?



An unapologetically indulgent fragrance.


Viva Mexico

A striking and hand embroidered cushion celebrating one of the most iconic artists and women of the 20th century.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 13.11.47.png

The gift that keeps on giving

Looking for a gift that lasts a lifetime? We have gift cards available for all our services. Get in touch at for more details and to purchase yours.


The return of the humble cardigan and how to wear it

Aside from being a great workwear piece for the colder months, a cardigan is also the perfect way to add a layer and give your look a stylish update. A cardigan can be worn in a variety of different ways and there is one out there for everyone. You just need to find the style that suits you. Here are just some of the ways that you can style your cardigan depending on your style personality.



If you’re a ‘Diva’, make an impact with a large belt, knee-high boots and bold accessories.



‘Classics’ look best with an effortless and uncluttered outfit. This elegant long line in a neutral colour is perfect for this particular personality profile.



‘Huntswomen’ need classic styles with natural colours. Push the sleeves up to add some structure.



Keep it cute but neat with a smaller scale cardigan. A cropped or boxy style are great options for the ‘Gamines’.


A neat shape is perfect for the ‘Princess’. Adding feminine detailing such buttons or a peplum hem will emphasis the ingénue and pretty features of this style personality.


A waterfall or drape style with swing are flattering options for the regal, feminine and glamorous ‘Romantics’.

Princess  Image credit: Pinterest


Image credit: Pinterest

Romantics  Image credit:


Image credit:


‘Bohemians’ can really have fun with a cardigan! Arty, funky and glamorous knits will reflect their personality.

Image credit;

Image credit;


Like the ‘Bohemian’ and the ‘Adventurer’, the ‘Gypsy’ can go for chunky and natural knits, however don’t forget to add bold and extravagant accessories for a touch of glamour.

Bohemians  Image credit: Pinterest


Image credit: Pinterest

Gypsies  Image credit: Pinterest


Image credit: Pinterest




The outdoorsy wholesome ‘Adventurers’ should opt for fluid or soft, chunky knits. Keep accessories and make-up to the minimum.

At Red Leopard we look at all aspects of your wardrobe and style. We advise you on your personal presentation, looking at what shapes work best with your architecture and which styles best reflect your personality. If you’re unsure on what styles that you should wear (and which to avoid), we can help. Please get in touch here to find out more about our services.

Why The Silk Scarf Is Set To Be The Hero Item In Your New Season Wardrobe

Those in the know are hailing the silk scarf as the hottest accessory this autumn – but this is nothing new for Red Leopard. We have long contested that no wardrobe is complete without a really good selection of scarves in various colours, fabrics and sizes. They don’t necessarily have to be silk, but it is the silk scarf in particular that’s coming back into the height of fashion after a few years out of the limelight. So what makes them a hero item?

A pop of colour

The right scarf can be endlessly versatile as there’s simply so many ways to use them. Is your outfit a bit bland? Scarves can add a fantastic pop of colour with minimal effort. Additionally, as the autumnal months are fast-approaching, with them comes darker colours – namely blacks and greys. If you’re not quite ready to let go of bright summer hues, a bold silk scarf in a colour that complements your skin tone is sure to liven up lacklustre outfits.

green leopard Csmaller.jpg

Renew & recycle

The new season doesn’t necessarily have to mean an influx of new items – shopping should be all about buying pieces that last a lifetime, and a beautiful silk scarf can be just the thing to add interest to sweaters and cardigans that are already in your wardrobe. On the subject of longevity, silk scarves can become real collectors’ items – just look at Hermès and Pucci – and we consider money spent on them as an investment, which makes your spending guilt-free.


Wrap up warm

As temperatures start to dip, a silk scarf can also keep you warm – in an air conditioned room, it’s an extremely useful accessory to help keep the chill away. They’re also ideal for the earlier autumn months when it’s not quite cold enough to start wearing your cashmere ones. Larger scarves can even be worn draped around your shoulders like a shawl so that your arms are covered.

purple leopard 2smaller.jpg


The key to a hero piece is versatility – a quality that the silk scarf definitely has. If the neckline on your dress is a bit boring or unflattering, you can wrap a scarf around your neck to change that. Equally, you can tie it around a handbag handle to add colour to an otherwise classic item. For more styling ideas, read our post on 5 ways to wear a silk scarf.

scarf halterneck RL.jpg

Red Leopard’s collaboration with designer Ivana Nohel has resulted in a fabulous collection of scarves - all in two sizes (classic 90x90 and huge shawl size) and in various colourways to accessorise any wardrobe.  

The Red Leopard Autumn Wishlist

Autumn has arrived, and we’re longing to be warm and cosy. From cable knits to vegan accessories, here’s our current picks for the beautiful new season.

The Vegan Backpack

Helskini Fashion Week banned real leather products from the catwalks this year. If you want to be an early adopter to the vegan leather trend, then look no further then Matt and Nat. This practical and contemporary backpack will keep our paperwork protected during those rainy days.


The Essential Oil Burner

At home a woolly blanket and the relaxing smell of lavender essential oil will give us the much needed ‘Hygge’ feeling. This burner is so stunning it will get a special place on the mantlepiece.


The Faux Fur Coat

This olive green faux fur coat has cosiness written all over it.


The Chunky Knit

We love a chunky turtleneck and this mustard sweater will keep us warm, snug and stylish.


Colour and style: is it worth it? And what can it do for me?

Are you happy with your wardrobe and the way you look in your clothes? If your answer to this is no, then consider this; like most things in life, there is a formula for getting it right. This also applies to your wardrobe and how it makes you feel. Are you happy enough to wear the same pieces over and over again until they are worn out? Look at your wardrobe and ask yourself ‘how much of this am I wearing?’.

Image credit: Sophie Delaporte for Vogue Japan

Image credit: Sophie Delaporte for Vogue Japan

Most of us (well those who haven’t had a colour and style analysis with Red Leopard), wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The trouble is that we don’t invest in what’s right for us in terms of our most flattering colours and shapes AND we are bombarded by the latest fad or fashion item which won’t always be right for our body shape, personality or indeed our colouring. 

It might look good on the model in the magazine and it might look good on our friends, so we are conned into assuming it will look good on us too.

Colour is hugely impactful and has the power to make us look vibrant and energetic (when wearing the right tones) or tired and invisible (with the wrong tones). It is scientifically proven that colours have an impact on other colours surrounding them. It’s not so much the colour, but the shade of that colour which makes a huge difference. If you wouldn’t dye your hair black, (because it would drain you) why then would you wear it next to your face? Similarly if you wouldn’t dye your hair blonde, why would you wear yellow next to your face? 


The shades of colour that you wear should be in harmony with your skin tone, it’s as simple as that and during our Colour Analysis, you will see your face change in the mirror front of you. Your skin will look brighter, you will look younger, your eye colour will pop and your jawline will have definition. The consultation can’t be rushed, it takes a couple of hours, but it is truly life changing. Everyone will compliment you on how well you look rather than comment on your clothes. The results speak for themselves. Below you can see our very own Ilka’s (Autumn) and Manina’s (Winter) before and after. The difference is remarkable. 

Before and after.jpg

If people notice your clothes first then something is wrong - they should see the person first. When you’re wearing the right palette, people will react to you in a more positive way, which will in turn affect the way you feel - and that feeling is a great one. Just think how much more you can achieve when you look and feel great. We can all wear reds, blues, greens, greys and pinks, but getting the exact right shade of the colour is key. We cannot however all wear black (sorry Karl Lagerfeld) as it is only slimming if you are a Winter. People think that only black is slimming but the truth is that all dark colours are slimming. It all boils down to science and the psychology of colour and we can’t argue with that. 


Everything that we put on our body should have some relevance to our face and body shape, it should reflect our personality and of course should be in our best colours. Are you a ‘Classic’ ? If so you should dress in a Classic way which is neat, conservative and fuss-free. Are you a cute, neat and funky ‘Gamine’? Then your clothes and accessories should be cute, neat and funky otherwise you will look boring. Are you ‘ Natural/Adventurer'? Then keep your makeup minimal, your hair long and dress in a relaxed manner. Are you a curvy and feminine ‘Romantic’? Then look at lowering your necklines and wear curvy patterns and keep your look glamorous. These are just a few tips and a few of the personality profiles and there is of course more to it, but everyone fits into one or more of the categories.  Once you know your colours, best shapes and your personality type, you will buy better, shopping will be more fun and you will save time and money (not to mention space in your wardrobe). It really is simple, but it takes the investment. 

To us colour and style is the most important investment you can make in yourself because after all, you are your business card. If you think about how much money you have spent on things that you aren’t wearing then the investment with Red Leopard will be a drop in the ocean. That’s our promise to you. 

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us here