Some frequently asked questions.

Instead of talking about the obvious…Autumn is here etc - we thought that this month we would tackle and answer some questions that we frequently get asked. In fact, we are getting more and more questions because we are getting so many new friends! Thank you, Susan, and thank you, Lisa.
Here they are:

Does it matter if I have a tan when I get my colours done? No - we are looking at the undertones of your skin, which do not change - but please DO NOT wear fake tan, as it is just that…Fake.

What if I don’t like my new colour palette? You are bound to like some of your colours, so start with those. Once you begin to experiment with them and people start to tell you how well you are looking, you will probably change your opinion of the the ones you don’t like! Remember that complimenting your shirt or dress is not the same as complimenting you on how well you look.

Oct 2.jpg

Will I need to banish black if I am not a Winter? Short answer….YES! Wean it out of your wardrobe gradually - starting with tops and scarves, and start buying your new best colours to wear next to your face.

Can I wear black at the bottom then? To start with, yes you probably will have to, as you are probably not going to purge your entire wardrobe all at once! HOWEVER, stop buying black. If you don’t, you will end up still buying the black shoes, black belt, black handbag etc to go with the black trousers or skirt - so there’s another chunk of your budget gone. Your wardrobe will have no harmonious story. You will look cut off around your middle, and that just doesn’t look quite right.

But isn’t black slimming? Not if it is not good on you. All dark colours are slimming. Find your best dark neutrals - navy? Dark brown? Olive green? Use them as the building blocks in your new wardrobe. Black is VERY ageing if you are not a Winter - and even a lot of Winters are not great in black and need to wear a brighter colour next to the face.


What happens when I go grey? If your skin tone needs cool colours, grey will be great. If you need warm colours, you will need to add honey tones to your hair for you to look healthy and for your colour palette not to clash with your hair.


Some people who need warmth ( for example “blue springs”) tend to go prematurely grey, but still look okay with grey hair - they are the kind of springs that are not as good in the yellower end of the palette… it gets complicated, but when you have your colours analysed, you will also find out what TYPE of Winter, Summer, Spring or Autumn you are.

Do my colours change as I get older? No - you will remain in the same overall palette - but often as we age, we need more light around our face, so you may need to choose your colours from the lighter, brighter end of your palette. A Winter who looked stunning in black and charcoal in her or his thirties, may not look so good in them in their sixties!

Oct 3.jpg

Will I look like someone else after a style session? NO - you will look like the very best version of YOU. You will allow yourself to be you again, after life has labelled you a Banker, Mum, Teacher etc.
You will realise that you may have been dressing to please other people, or in a way that fits in with how you have been told to look. You will find your individuality again - and not be influenced by other people or by what is considered fashionable or trendy.

Do carry on asking questions! We shall be happy to keep on answering you!