5 Ways To Wear A Silk Scarf

The scarf is one of the most important and versatile accessories you should have in your wardrobe. They don’t just keep you warm in winter - they add colour and interest to every outfit, even in the summer months. People often say that they would love to wear a silk scarf but they don’t know how to tie them and they feel a bit ‘dated’, but they can in fact be worn all year round and in many different ways - here's a few ways you can wear yours..


1. As a hair accessory

Silk scarves aren't just for your neck - they can be tied into your hair to protect it from the sun, or worn like a bandana if your look is more natural. Brightly coloured scarves look beautiful worn as a headband to complete an outfit - wear yours on holiday to match your sunny surroundings.


2. As a sarong

Speaking of holidays, large scarves can be worn as sarongs when you're walking on the beach, or around the pool or over your swimsuit when it’s time for lunch. Just wrap it around your waist and tie in a neat knot it at the side.

3. As a dress 

A silk dress is the perfect accompaniment to an important event or special dinner, but there's no need to buy something new if you already have a silk scarf in your wardrobe. Large scarves can be wrapped and pinned around the body as a dress - accessorise well and you have the perfect evening outfit.

4. As an outfit update

Life can be incredibly busy and we don't always have time to change outfits between social engagements. Simply fold up a scarf to keep in your bag and tie it around your neck as you go from the office out to dinner.

5. As a bag

A large silk scarf can be made into a bag to hold your beachwear. Simply tie the four corners into a knot and sling it over your shoulder. An elegant accessory which will take you from beach to bar effortlessly in style.