Why colour analysis is just as relevant for men

The majority of our clients are women, but colour analysis is just as relevant for men. The different qualities of colours – the depth, temperature and clarity - determine how healthy, strong and competent men appear in their clothes, whether that's in casual-wear or business attire. When dressing for the office, it's the tie that allows men to play with brighter colours in an otherwise conservative outfit, which can throw a healthy glow onto their face. But what about the colour of the suit? It's equally important to get the temperature, depth and the contrast level right to perfect the look.

Read on to discover the colour palettes of some famous faces..

Image Credit:  MovieWeb

Image Credit: MovieWeb

Daniel Craig is a Spring who can wear warm, translucent colours very well. Being very fair, his best suit colours are mid-grey and blue, but harsh and severe contrasts don't work for him. He can accentuate the blue of his colours with a matching tie. The classic outfit in black and white can overpower him, which is why he often wears less severe contrasts even in the Bond Films.

Winter colours are cool, blue-based and very high in contrast. As a Winter, George Clooney looks great in deep colours, which means that he will always have an easy time finding a great outfit for a black-tie event. Even for daytime events he should ideally opt for a dark suit jacket and a white shirt to create a high contrast.

Image Credit:  Refinery 29

Image Credit: Refinery 29


Eddie Redmayne is an Autumn, so he looks great in warm, yellow-based, soft colours with little contrast. A dark brown suit creates a less severe contrast to the white shirt than the black suit does, because it is more in harmony with his own colouring.  

Image Credit:  Lainey Gossip

Image Credit: Lainey Gossip

Image Credit:  Daily Express

Image Credit: Daily Express

So whether you're an Autumn, Winter, Spring or (the very rare!) Summer, it's imperative that you dress in the right colours and contrasts for success in and out of the boardroom.