How To Shop The Sales: 5 Tips

Sales shopping season is here once again, and to make picking the right pieces easy we have compiled our top tips for navigating the sales this summer. 

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1. Have A Strategy In Place

You know the sales are going to explode aggressively in the coming weeks, so much so you will not be able to avoid them, so why not plan what you ‘need’ to buy. Start by looking in your wardrobe to find out where the gaps are. What's missing, what’s looking tired, what needs updating, what do you need more of and what have you wanted to buy that’s not within your budget? (This leads us to our second tip.) Planning what you need to buy is one thing, but it is also useful to plan how and where you are going to buy. Timing is of the essence, so keep in mind that a Sunday morning can be a great time to hit the sales, always slightly quieter than other days of the week. Make sure any shopping companion you take along adds value. Shopping with children and bored other halves is not always conducive to a successful trip. Consider also your method of shopping; If you don't fancy rushing out into the chaos of the sales, there are year round alternative options. A personal favourite is "The Outnet," a year round sale website for Net-A-Porter. Red Leopard always finds amazing pieces here but then , we know exactly what we are looking for and what looks good on us. Track the pieces that you would like to buy and check as often as you can if they are further reduced.

2. No Designer Budget? Think Again

The high end market can seem intimidating if you're not a frequent shopper in it, but there is no better time to become acquainted than sale season. If you’ve had your eye on that classic Armani belt or Mulberry bag all year, now is the time to buy it at a fraction of the price and you’ll have it forever. Sale shopping in high street stores such as Zara, Mango and Gap might not be the best use of your time or budget as you can buy from those stores any time. It won't feel as special, and you won't be half as excited. In terms of how much you’ll actually save, it’s a fraction of the amount compared to sales with high-end brands. Target the retailers normally out of your budget and select a handful of timeless classics that will last a lifetime.

3. Buy Well, By Less

We understand that is is easy to get caught up in the sales and lose focus. But one thing to keep in mind is that just because it is in the sale doesn't mean it's right for you, your colouring or your body shape. So many people are left with a wardrobe full of pieces they've never worn simply because they were an impulse buy which weren't quite right. Two things to remember here, if it doesn't look and feel amazing, resist the temptation and put it back. Secondly, if you didn't love it at full price, you won't love it at half price. If this is the case, then the bargain quickly becomes a waste of money, time, and valuable wardrobe space. 

4. Start With Workwear

Why not start by revamping your work wardrobe. Buying good quality clothes for work is a great investment on many levels. Not only will you feel far more confident but you’re more likely to get noticed, which could lead to professional opportunities. Fashion is power. This wardrobe needs to be completely interchangeable so try to create as many ‘outfits’ out of a capsule wardrobe as you possibly can. It needs to represent the professional you.

5. Don't Cloud Your Judgement

When you’re on a mission to revamp your wardrobe in the sales you have to be in the right frame of mind. Otherwise there is simply no point. If you’re tired, depressed or just not in the mood don’t do it. Equally, if you’re tempted to treat yourself to a glass of champagne halfway through your outing, think again. Some of the biggest clangers are purchased whilst under the influence. Finally, never shop when you’re desperate, it’s like going to the supermarket hungry - you really don’t know what you’ll end up with. 

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