Colour and style: is it worth it? And what can it do for me?

Are you happy with your wardrobe and the way you look in your clothes? If your answer to this is no, then consider this; like most things in life, there is a formula for getting it right. This also applies to your wardrobe and how it makes you feel. Are you happy enough to wear the same pieces over and over again until they are worn out? Look at your wardrobe and ask yourself ‘how much of this am I wearing?’.

Image credit: Sophie Delaporte for Vogue Japan

Image credit: Sophie Delaporte for Vogue Japan

Most of us (well those who haven’t had a colour and style analysis with Red Leopard), wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The trouble is that we don’t invest in what’s right for us in terms of our most flattering colours and shapes AND we are bombarded by the latest fad or fashion item which won’t always be right for our body shape, personality or indeed our colouring. 

It might look good on the model in the magazine and it might look good on our friends, so we are conned into assuming it will look good on us too.

Colour is hugely impactful and has the power to make us look vibrant and energetic (when wearing the right tones) or tired and invisible (with the wrong tones). It is scientifically proven that colours have an impact on other colours surrounding them. It’s not so much the colour, but the shade of that colour which makes a huge difference. If you wouldn’t dye your hair black, (because it would drain you) why then would you wear it next to your face? Similarly if you wouldn’t dye your hair blonde, why would you wear yellow next to your face? 


The shades of colour that you wear should be in harmony with your skin tone, it’s as simple as that and during our Colour Analysis, you will see your face change in the mirror front of you. Your skin will look brighter, you will look younger, your eye colour will pop and your jawline will have definition. The consultation can’t be rushed, it takes a couple of hours, but it is truly life changing. Everyone will compliment you on how well you look rather than comment on your clothes. The results speak for themselves. Below you can see our very own Ilka’s (Autumn) and Manina’s (Winter) before and after. The difference is remarkable. 

Before and after.jpg

If people notice your clothes first then something is wrong - they should see the person first. When you’re wearing the right palette, people will react to you in a more positive way, which will in turn affect the way you feel - and that feeling is a great one. Just think how much more you can achieve when you look and feel great. We can all wear reds, blues, greens, greys and pinks, but getting the exact right shade of the colour is key. We cannot however all wear black (sorry Karl Lagerfeld) as it is only slimming if you are a Winter. People think that only black is slimming but the truth is that all dark colours are slimming. It all boils down to science and the psychology of colour and we can’t argue with that. 


Everything that we put on our body should have some relevance to our face and body shape, it should reflect our personality and of course should be in our best colours. Are you a ‘Classic’ ? If so you should dress in a Classic way which is neat, conservative and fuss-free. Are you a cute, neat and funky ‘Gamine’? Then your clothes and accessories should be cute, neat and funky otherwise you will look boring. Are you ‘ Natural/Adventurer'? Then keep your makeup minimal, your hair long and dress in a relaxed manner. Are you a curvy and feminine ‘Romantic’? Then look at lowering your necklines and wear curvy patterns and keep your look glamorous. These are just a few tips and a few of the personality profiles and there is of course more to it, but everyone fits into one or more of the categories.  Once you know your colours, best shapes and your personality type, you will buy better, shopping will be more fun and you will save time and money (not to mention space in your wardrobe). It really is simple, but it takes the investment. 

To us colour and style is the most important investment you can make in yourself because after all, you are your business card. If you think about how much money you have spent on things that you aren’t wearing then the investment with Red Leopard will be a drop in the ocean. That’s our promise to you. 

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