6 Ways To Add Colour To Your Outfits

The right pop of colour can elevate any look and brighten up the dullest of days. Here are 6 easy ways to introduce some colour to your outfits. 


1. Lipstick

A good starting point is the lipstick. It is an easy way to add some character to your look without breaking the bank. Try a few different shades, and find the perfect match to your colouring and clothes. We always swear by Jane Iredale's natural and cruelty-free range


2. Jewellery

Whether you opt for something delicate, master the art of layering or go for a pair of bold  earrings, wearing the right jewellery can transform your outfit in an instant and add a subtle, yet impactful statement. 


3. The silk scarf

Whether worn as a wrist accessory, around your bag or as a headband, the classic, elegant and versatile silk scarf lends colour and texture to any outfit. 


4. Shoes

Bold-coloured shoes can elevate the simplest of outfits and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. 


5. The handbag

Whether you go for a large tote, a clutch or a crossover, the handbag is an easy (and practical) way to pep up your outfit with a pop of bright colour. 



6. Coat

Now that we're entering the cooler season, it's time to get your coats out again (soon). Wearing a a splash of colour can transform a darker outfit underneath, while simultaneously cheering up your morning commute.