Stunning New Red Leopard Scarves

Red Leopard is thrilled to announce the arrival of our new season scarves....designed in collaboration wth London based illustrator Ivana Nohel. Each scarf belongs one of the four colour palettes - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - . Choose from the selection below....If you aren't sure, call us on 0207 376 4057 to make an appointment to see us. Or ask for a gift voucher for Christmas?

spring garden.jpg

Spring Garden.

fall zebra 2.jpg

Autumn Zebra Chestnut

fall zebra.jpg

Autumn Zebra Olive

Tippy Summer Lrg.jpg

Tippy Summer

Tippy winter Lrg.png

Tippy Winter

winter garden.jpg

Winter Garden

 Winter Zebra

Winter Zebra