"I loved my Colour and Style session with Red Leopard! Annie’s warmth and friendliness instantly put me at ease. I was utterly amazed by the transformation and kept staring at myself in the mirror in delight! I have never seen myself look so well and my confidence has been boosted enormously. I feel completely assured that I can dress to give the right impression, and show myself to best effect. My smile is wider and I am so much happier in myself, and I haven’t even been shopping yet! Thank you so, so much Annie and Red Leopard for this life changing service!" 

- Liz


"Thanks a million Red Leopard.
I really enjoyed my experience the other week. I was a little unsure that I would notice any difference with my analysis
but it was really quite remarkable how different colours affected my complexion. You were extremely patient with me and very professional and knowledgeable."

— Jenny V.


Red Leopard  have  totally revolutionised and opened my eyes up to how powerful colours can be in terms of ensuring I look my best. My confidence has soared in that I am now experimenting with lots of different colours and getting an immense amount of compliments as a result!"

— Rachel T.

"When Rachel Saunders from Red Leopard visited me at home to sort out my wardrobe I wasn't very optimistic as I honestly didn't think I had anything I could wear. However within an hour and a half Rachel had not only identified my clothing personality but also put together at least 10 different outfits for me to wear - all of which I really loved! We took photographs of the outfits so I could recreate them and it felt like I had acquired a whole new wardrobe. I felt Rachel really 'got' me and her down-to-earth personality really put me at ease. She's got an amazing flair for putting outfits together that bring out the best in you."

— Chené Koscielny, Founder
PicknMix Communications


"I went to see Annie Castano of Red Leopard to have my colours done as well as advice on makeup and also the style of clothes that suit my personality and figure. She was a wonder. Hugely helpful and guided me through everything with great patience and real commitment. She was also a real inspiration and her enthusiasm and joy in what she does shines through. Annie is a star and so lovely and gorgeous and has transformed the way I feel about myself. I can now go into shops with confidence and buy clothes that are the right colour and shape and not make expensive mistakes. I have also been complimented on the way I look which never happened before and  why I did not do this years ago,  I do not know. Everyone should take time out to do this,  it has been a real turning point in my life. Thank you so much."

— Amanda Margadale

“ I never had much confidence in clothes and makeup shopping, in fact I hated it…..until I met Annie from Red Leopard. She has enabled me to enjoy clothes shopping and dressing, helping me to be confident in knowing I look my best for my shape and colouring. She has also saved me from making expensive shopping mistakes. Annie really understands the individual and what works for them.”

— Emma van Klaveren Finlay


"Through Manina’s guidance and expertise my mother’s wardrobe has been dramatically transformed for the better! She now knows exactly what styles and colours suit her and the increase in her confidence has been as amazing as the result. I'm now forever trying to steal her clothes."

— Claudia Costa