"In the run up to a very import job interview I was told by an interview coach that personal appearance played a significant part in first impressions so I rang up Red Leopard for a colour consultation and I have never looked back! Not only did I get that big job I even got complimented on my suit by the chief executive after the interview! I couldn’t stop smiling. It was worth every penny.
That was 7 years ago and Red Leopard have not only enhanced my wardrobe through stress free shopping trips they have transformed the way I shop giving me much more confidence in my choices and have helped me avoid expensive mistakes! Manina and Annie are so talented and knowledgeable and such fun to shop with. My wardrobe was so bland before I met them where as now I get “that’s gorgeous...where did you get it?” I recommended Red leopard to my mother a few years ago and now she’s hooked too! I absolutely couldn’t be without them."

-       Kathryn

"I've never got it right with clothes; the shopping, the choosing and the style! Meeting Annie transformed that in a heartbeat and to my mother's delight, I now understand the colours, the style, the fit - specific to me. Red Leopard taught me a science, I didn't even know existed and I'll be forever grateful."

-       Matt

"Thanks a million Red Leopard.
I really enjoyed my experience the other week. I was a little unsure that I would notice any difference with my analysis
but it was really quite remarkable how different colours affected my complexion. You were extremely patient with me and very professional and knowledgeable."

— Jenny V.

"When Rachel Saunders from Red Leopard visited me at home to sort out my wardrobe I wasn't very optimistic as I honestly didn't think I had anything I could wear. However within an hour and a half Rachel had not only identified my clothing personality but also put together at least 10 different outfits for me to wear - all of which I really loved! We took photographs of the outfits so I could recreate them and it felt like I had acquired a whole new wardrobe. I felt Rachel really 'got' me and her down-to-earth personality really put me at ease. She's got an amazing flair for putting outfits together that bring out the best in you."

— Chené Koscielny, Founder
PicknMix Communications

"I met Annie 2 years ago when she redid my colours for me. I had spent the past 20 years knowing that I was a ‘summer’ but never understanding why I seemed to singularly fail to find clothes that I felt good in, and as I result I had adopted a uniform of Black…not a summer colour, but safely anonymous, or so I thought. It was a revelation to discover how autumn colours made me look so well and how, once I’d acquired a few basics, how everything went together with so little effort. I could almost get dressed in the dark. The decisive moment of my conversion, and my subsequent abandoning of black, was when showing my husband a new winter coat, caramel, and asking him what he thought, because I could take it back, he said, that it made me look about 12…I kept it! I am very grateful to Annie. Because of her, I know that I look younger, healthier and that my clothes are helping to make the very best of me and that undoubtedly has added to my general confidence. I could not recommend Red Leopard too highly for helping you revaluate yourself and to get out of a rut. Thank you Annie."

-       Emma

"Red Leopard have totally revolutionised and opened my eyes up to how powerful colours can be in terms of ensuring I look my best. My confidence has soared in that I am now experimenting with lots of different colours and getting an immense amount of compliments as a result!"

— Rachel T.

"I went to see Annie Castano of Red Leopard to have my colours done as well as advice on makeup and also the style of clothes that suit my personality and figure. She was a wonder. Hugely helpful and guided me through everything with great patience and real commitment. She was also a real inspiration and her enthusiasm and joy in what she does shines through. Annie is a star and so lovely and gorgeous and has transformed the way I feel about myself. I can now go into shops with confidence and buy clothes that are the right colour and shape and not make expensive mistakes. I have also been complimented on the way I look which never happened before and why I did not do this years ago, I do not know. Everyone should take time out to do this, it has been a real turning point in my life. Thank you so much."

— Amanda Margadale

"I met Annie about a year ago when she did my colours and then helped me sort out my wardrobe and advise me on styles that suited me. It has completely changed my life. Up until that point I was making terrible decisions, my wardrobe was cluttered with things I wasn’t wearing and clothes that were totally unsuitable for my figure. I never knew what to wear yet seemed to have endless clothes, packing was a bore, I would always take far too much and never the right thing. Now I have less clothes and more choice and whatever I choose goes with everything else. It is a complete joy and that it’s all thanks to Annie. What was really great about the whole experience was that Annie helped me through it, she was kind, sympathetic, honest and above all really fun to be with. I now know how to shop, what to wear, what to pack and not only has it saved me money but it has made all those decisions much easier and given me a whole new confidence. I really can’t thank her enough. HOORAY – I wish I had done it 30 years ago"

 - Grace Redgrave

"Where to begin to tell you how much Red Leopard has transformed my life?  The first joy is that when I open my wardrobe I know that absolutely everything goes with everything and I don't have to think too much plus I have new ideas for outfits and 'looks' that I didn't realise I had the capability of creating. The second joy is that when I go shopping I can really quickly scan a shop or a website and dismiss things that I would have otherwise spent far too much time dithering over.  I can now hone in immediately on both colour and style.  This has saved me so much time and so much money.  The third joy is that I feel good about what I wear and I know how to make the most of myself and my wardrobe.  As a bonus, I get lots of lovely commentsAnd, I know that I'm not alone.  I've referred both clients and friends to Annie and Manina - without exception they have transformed their lives too."

Long Live Red Leopard!

- Amanda Pelham Green

“I firmly believe that the advice I received from Red Leopard landed me a £10k pay rise. Some sort of an increase is normal in my industry, perhaps £3-£5k but £10k was unusual and I put it down to my appearance being so professional and healthy due to wearing the correct colours.

Other benefits were immediately apparent too. I looked a lot more “ together" and was given more responsibility. I seemed to garner more respect. People said my skin was glowing, when all I had done was wear the correct colour lipstick. I got compliments on my outfits, some old that I had just switched up with the correct scarf. All of this positivity then changed my attitude towards myself. I have become more confident, more self-assured and brave. I recommend this service and would suggest it necessary to any women in business.  The best return on investment I have made."

- Theodora Wakely

"Having been a client of Red Leopard for quite a few years, I wanted to let you know that my experience with your colour consultation has transformed the way I shop. I feel that I don’t make any mistakes buying clothes anymore which I certainly did before. The make-up and skin care lessons and all of the things I learned from you have been wonderful and so much fun. The beautiful Red Leopard scarves in exactly the right colours for me brighten any outfit. 

Shopping with you to buy a dress for my son’s recent wedding was incredibly successful. You helped me look my best and not have any regrets looking at those wedding photos!! I only wish I had been able to benefit from all this knowledge when I was 18!" 

 - Belinda K

“I never thought I could survive, let alone thoroughly enjoy 6 hours of shopping! Normally my frustration is rising after 30 min as I don’t look very good in what I choose. But not last week when Annie from Red Leopard showed me what works best for my new wardrobe. Restarting your career after years is hard, but it boosts your self confidence when you look great and feel great in your clothes. Getting the colours and shapes right is hugely important and addressing your personality assures that you will always be comfortable. Many thanks for your warm, professional and entertaining way to dress me. “

- Alex

Lets just cut to the chase …… Annie at Red Leopard has made me fall in love with clothes again and help me identify my style so that I feel like myself.  After years of being confused about my personal style, not feeling “right” in my clothes and never having anything to wear (despite having a bulging wardrobe and excessive online shopping habit), I am now excited to get dressed in the morning! Just wow, what an experience.  I attended a style consultation after having my colours done elsewhere and seeing Red Leopard on Instagram.  After fully buying into wearing my colour palette and seeing what a huge difference it made I was keen to find out more about the style personality consultations I saw the pictures of the stylish and glamorous team at Red Leopard I knew I’d be in good hands! Previously I’d tried to read books about capsule wardrobes and stylish classic dressing but none of it felt right. I was often disappointed that I had nothing to wear and would dread dressing for work meetings, as well as social and formal events.  So I set up an appointment with Annie, and we hit it off instantly. Annie explained what we were going to be doing and instantly identified that what I needed to work on foremost was my work wardrobe to make sure I came across in the way that I intended to at work.  She also showed me how by stripping back the critical components of a work outfit e.g. earrings, lipstick, scarf how one quickly loses impact, it was phenomenal to witness it first hand! We left the appointment “buzzing” with excitement and with a clear direction of what styles, cuts, patters and fabrics I should be looking for to reflect my personal style.  Annie has been amazing in the aftercare and is supporting me with my wardrobe transformation, suggesting brands and designers as well as specific pieces that will help bring everything together. I now working on building my work and play wardobe that feels like “me”, and I just want to say a huge thank you to Red Lepoard from one very happy customer!

- Elin

"I was quite apprehensive when a gorgeous friend gifted me with a session with Red Leopard. I had no idea what to expect but once I met Annie and she talked me through the process, I began to feel at ease. The best way to describe the experience is transformational! Understanding that my style is my identity and my identity speaks louder than my words, means I had to give due thought and consideration to my style. Annie’s session completely reshaped this and gave me the foundation I needed to define what my identity is. I confidently walk into any space feeling completely assured and ready to make the best impression of myself; both through my actions, my words and just my presence. - Thank you Annie (and Alex for this fabulous gift that keeps giving) "

- Tessy Ojo_ (Chief Executive, The Diana Award)

"My colour and style consultation with Ilka last autumn was, honestly, one of the best things I have done in years. It was a real eye-opener and a life-changing experience. I also did the wardrobe review and shopping trip. I used to hate shopping and I didn't know what styles and colours that suited me. Now, I find shopping so easy and whenever I need some advice or a second pair of eyes I just ask Ilka! Red Leopard offers such great services. I can't thank Ilka enough!"

-     Sonja. 

"My own colour palate was correctly analysed many years ago and I was fascinated by the concept that wearing certain colours can indeed improve one’s looks (eyes, skin colour, etc) as well as making shopping so much easier. However, I found myself increasingly concerned at the number of my friends who claimed to have had their colours done by various analysts who, given what these friends were wearing, were obviously unskilled! What a joy it was finally to be introduced to the Red Leopard team, who clearly know exactly what they’re doing. I’ve taken many of my friends to Annie and Manina, and get such delight in watching the care and time they take to get every client correctly analysed. They have the knack of making each one of them feel special, and I have learned so much from watching their forensic analysis. I wouldn’t dream of taking friends anywhere else, and recommend them whenever I can"


"I loved my Colour and Style session with Red Leopard! Annie’s warmth and friendliness instantly put me at ease. I was utterly amazed by the transformation and kept staring at myself in the mirror in delight! I have never seen myself look so well and my confidence has been boosted enormously. I feel completely assured that I can dress to give the right impression, and show myself to best effect. My smile is wider and I am so much happier in myself, and I haven’t even been shopping yet! Thank you so, so much Annie and Red Leopard for this life changing service!" 

- Liz

"Through Manina’s guidance and expertise my mother’s wardrobe has been dramatically transformed for the better! She now knows exactly what styles and colours suit her and the increase in her confidence has been as amazing as the result. I'm now forever trying to steal her clothes."

— Claudia Costa

"I am one of those men who was still wearing the same style of stuff I’d worn for 20 years. It was boring but I don’t care too much about clothes so I didn’t do anything about it. But my wife sent me to Red Leopard and, in one short day, I came home with a whole wardrobe that totally suits me. The next person I saw was my sister in law who said 'You look absolutely AMAZING!!!!! What changed… did you lose weight? You literally look ten years younger."

-       Scott R

Decision making is so much easier with them...even if I hesitate i can have an honest discussion about body shape etc without feeling bad. I can recommend the personal shopping. These days my clothes are  more interesting , fit well, are of good quality , colourful and fun. I get a lot of compliments from friends and strangers who ask me : Where did you buy..."  

- Janet Sykes

“ I never had much confidence in clothes and makeup shopping, in fact I hated it…..until I met Annie from Red Leopard. She has enabled me to enjoy clothes shopping and dressing, helping me to be confident in knowing I look my best for my shape and colouring. She has also saved me from making expensive shopping mistakes. Annie really understands the individual and what works for them.”

— Emma van Klaveren Finlay

Rachel has transformed my life.

"I had a colour and style consultation with Rachel and she is so lovely and extremely knowledgeable. I always disliked shopping and didn’t know what colours or styles suited me. I now have all the tools and knowledge I need to shop effectively. I also know what colours suit me and wearing the correct ones truly do make you look amazing. She tells you exactly what you need to know to look fabulous all the time. After my consult with Rachel I now have confidence when shopping because I just focus on what looks good on me. I really wish I had done this years ago, thanks again Rachel for all of your help." 

-       Heather 

"I realised that people were ‘reading' the men I work with as more important than me, even those who are less experienced and less senior. Annie and Manina showed me how to convey real authority through my clothes and accessories. As a result of their help, I have transformed those assumptions and I am now assumed to be one of the most senior people in any room. I would urge any ambitious, professional women to call Red Leopard. The investment has more than paid off in terms of how its transformed my ability to win business."

-       Sophia

"My day with Annie Castano of Red Leopard was a fabulous eye opener.  In terms of education, confidence and fun it was a really well spent day.  Annie took me through what suits me and what doesn’t and perhaps most interestingly why.  The book I took away helps me to keep on track with my learnings when I’m making new choices.  The supportive approach of Annie, with no judgement and only goodness, is really helpful and empowering.   The added direction and suggestion around accessories, make up, jewellery and hair all complements the styling session.  All in all, I’m a more polished version of myself because of Annie’s help.  And a Red Leopard scarf is a must, and always lifts the mood."

-       Gillian P

“A few years ago I said to Katy ( my lovely daughter who is a Red Leopard client) that I was getting stressed about what to wear to a Buckingham Palace Banquet! I just knew I didn't have a suitable long dress  and I felt out of touch with current fashions and anyway...where do you shop? 
She said :Mummy..you have to go and meet Manina! I don't argue with Katy. 
I had the colour and style consultation . So, I'm an Autumn girl and it makes so much sense! I was a bit surprised to be told : " no black, ( not even shoes) and no white, warm autumn colours are best" . And I am  romantic ( I think I knew that) . Then I had help with scarves, makeup, and shopping for clothes and jewellery ( warm tones again) and I see Manina and/or Annie a few times a year. They are great fun , very stylish and they know the right shops and designers. “

-Louisa M

“I am not given to exaggeration, but I can say that my Colour and Style session with Annie Castano of Red Leopard has transformed me. Approaching 60 and now retired from professional life, I felt lost sartorially.  I had actually reduced my palette to virtually all navy and white and felt totally uninspired when I opened my wardrobe.Having read about Red Leopard I took a leap of faith and booked a Colour and Style consultation. Annie fully explained the theory of colour and I started to think. When Annie and I agreed I was an Autumn the colour palette blew me away. With some Autumn makeup I finally saw ME in the mirror. My navy and white with my pink lipstick made me look tired and ill: my Autumn colours with coral lipstick made me look vibrant and alive. After the style assessment I felt confident about how to achieve my new colours and gamine style. Shopping will be discriminating as I use my wallet of colours with my best ones highlighted. Annie was professional and above all fun! Great advice on how to transition my existing wardrobe without spending a fortune and incorporating my existing clothes. So, overall a thought provoking day which has altered how I dress forever.

- Emily

Manina analyzed my colors 48 hours ago and I have already axed half of my wardrobe and most of my makeup.
Life-Changing is the best way to describe my experience with Manina. Completely life-changing. Now that I have seen the difference (with direct comparisons) in the way that my skin reflects colors-- the results ranging from nauseating to bloated to brilliant-- I refuse to wear clothing that makes me look and feel sick. We all aspire to balance and harmony in our lives, and yet so few of us dress in a way that corroborates our aims. When we look good, we feel good and when we feel good there's no limit to what we can accomplish. If you've ever looked in the mirror and thought, "I know I can look/ be/ do better than this", then zip over to Red Leopard. Manina will take it from there!